Thai Pride

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Even with the influence of other cooking cultures such as Japanese, Italian and Indian, Thai food has remained the favorite among both tourists and the people who live in Thailand because of the flexibility of being able to not only work together with these other cultures but also to mix and create new recipes as well.

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satay omacka 295ml
Satay omáčka 295ml
Skladem (14 ks)
60 Kč bez DPH
69 Kč

Minimální trvanlivost: 28.07.2022

thai pride omacka na jarni zavitky 295ml
60 Kč bez DPH
69 Kč

Minimální trvanlivost: 28.10.2022

thai pride chilli sladka omacka 295ml
51,30 Kč bez DPH
59 Kč

Minimální trvanlivost: 28.04.2022

thai pride kari pasta cervena 50g
19,13 Kč bez DPH
22 Kč

Minimální trvanlivost: 28.04.2022


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